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What is Holistic guidance?

Holistic guidance is a blend of traditional talking counselling and alternative reiki and meditation therapies.

It gets to the source by dealing with root causes rather than symptom reduction alone, allowing you to heal fully. It works with your whole person, accessing both the conscious and unconscious, bringing awareness to a deeper sense of self, and offering the opportunity to heal and thrive. 

Psychiatry works with chemistry of the brain; Psychology works with mechanics of the thinking; Holistic Counselling works with aspects of mind, body, emotions & spirit-soul. It includes the 'thinking' and 'feeling', and a range of creative and expressive tools to address fear, anxiety, pain, trauma and relationship issues while unlocking your strengths, confidence, and rekindling your passion for life.

Having a nurturing space to sit in and bear witness to all aspects of your self can lead to awakening and empowerment. You’ll be inspired to find purpose and a deeper connection with your self, unearthing unlimited potentials.

How I can help you

Every human being searches for acceptance, fulfilment and happiness. At some point along our journey we may need help to resolve the conflicts that have gathered in our lives. 

I guide each session to meet your particular needs at each given moment. I will help you become the expert in your own healing journey, while you are respectfully companioned to explore, express, process and resolve past or present issues. This will allow for a more enriched experience in the now.

Sessions can include:

  • listening and talking
  • inner child healing
  • art therapy
  • meditation
  • visualisation
  • journalling
  • reiki


  • locations are Point Piper or anywhere in the world via Skype or Facetime
  • Appointments are 1 hour
  • Bookings are essential and done by onlineemail or phone

Your first session will be 60–90 minutes. I like to allow a little extra in this session to ensure that we have enough time to run through everything. It's familiarisation time for me to understand your story as it is from this session that I can plan our time together going forward. I go through a holistic profile questionnaire with you to get to understand your complete self – from childhood, to what you eat, to how you feel physically and emotionally, to what your hopes and fears are. I suggest that you see me once weekly (60 mins) at the beginning and then start to spread out. I will teach you the tools to start to manage your own self and then you should only require 6 monthly or annual check-ins.