Spring time - time for a change

Given that I spent 28 years in the Northern Hemisphere seasons always confuses me which means that being mindful of the seasons and time of year is even more important.

Growing up on a farm, Spring for me was about baby lambs, daffodils, and lots of flowers and of course starting to get ready for the summer! The evenings start to get longer and the temperature starts to get warmer.

Spring is all about renewal. I look at it like pruning the rose bush to allow for fresh buds to appear.

Spring often inspires us to increase our fitness levels, participate in more activities outdoors and embrace a healthier way of eating — more greens perhaps as local food becomes increasingly available. Use this time to prepare yourself for those opportunities by getting organized.

Clutter, which has likely been accumulating all winter long, keeps us from moving forward, it blocks energy, it stops our creativity and it weighs us down. The more we have in your home, car, office, hand bag, computer hard drive, the more energy we need to attend to those things. Organizing, decluttering and preparing will put you in a physical, emotional and spiritual space that supports you in the new changes you have the opportunity to make this spring.

Here are a few steps to follow if you want to change you physical and spiritual landscape and prepare for spring:

1. A Spring Cleaning For Your Closets: Give away all those clothes that don’t fit you or that you never wear to someone who really needs them. This de-cluttering will create spaciousness in your mind and lift your spirits. You can apply this principle to all of your living spaces, or you can choose to apply it one room at a time. Evaluate what you have and what you need, keeping in mind the 80/20 principle that suggests we use about 20% of what we have and essentially do not really need the other 80%. Decide what you longer need or what no longer brings you pleasure, and donate it.

2. Spring Awakening For Your Body: 

Get rid of old stale food in your kitchen and heavy winter calories by replacing them with fresh, whole foods. There is a big grass roots movement to eat locally whenever possible—eating with the seasons is a perfect way to make this transition. Spring is a bountiful time to explore a variety of colour and flavour in your cooking. Spring foods include dandelion, asparagus, ramps, fava beans, morels, scallions, artichokes, arugula, beets, cherries, and more. Visit your local farmer’s markets since many are now beginning to reopen.

4. Breathe in Fresh Spring Air: Find a walking buddy, or go alone. Nature will nurture you and the sunshine is good for your Vitamin D. Aligning yourself with nature is the best way to feel the change in seasons on every level.

Here is a list of Sydney’s best bush walks =

5. Still your mind

Start to live a mindful life and incorporate a meditation practice into your daily life. By sitting and focusing on your breath for only 10 minutes each day you start to remove stress from your physical and emotional body.

Click here for information on the 6 week Mindful Meditation Club

6. Upgrade your home's energy.

Rearrange your furniture. Get a new houseplant. Play upbeat music. Open your window, even just for a few moments. Diffuse tangerine and peppermint essential oils. Invite new energy and life into your home to become a happier and healthier human being this spring.

Start now and get the best out of these three months.

Enhance your wellness, withgrace