Who would rather be anywhere else but where they are today?

I reckon you aren’t alone. Many of us if we are honest would rather be in a different career, a different relationship, goodness even a different hair style than what we have. I know that was me for many many years.

We have these little day dreams of a different life and then go back to the routine, the existing, the life.

I often hear of people say they just want to run away and change.

I think many stay because while they don’t they don’t enjoy where they are, they don’t know how to change or even how to be honest as to what it is exactly you want.

I see many many people in this situation and help them understand themselves.

How often does someone ask you “How are you” and you reply automatically with “fine”. What does fine mean? There is a full spectrum of emotions from happy to sad, from good to bad and we very rarely acknowledge which emotion we are experiencing. If you are sad, I want you to know why and how to let it go and goodness if you are happy I want you to enjoy it and know that you deserve it.

I work with you so that you can live in the real world and still achieve happiness, emotional awareness, ways to understand and deal with stress, have meaningful relationships with family, friends and colleagues, embrace change, plan for the future, enjoy the present and let go of the past.

If you know someone who could benefit from this work, get them to email me or call me to book their first free consultation.