Wired for Wonder - Melbourne 2015

On Friday last I had the pleasure of attending the Melbourne event Wired for Wonder in Docklands. I was really looking forward to this event and it surpassed my expectations.

We were treated to amazing food through the day from styrofoam potato for breakfast to hanging fruit donuts for morning tea then a box of delights for lunch and the most exquisite table of afternoon treats to perk us up again late afternoon.

I was in awe all day listening to the inspiring speakers some of whom I knew previously and others I was introduced to for the first time.

Here is the speaker list and feel free to click through to read a little on each.

Aleks Krotoski

Jack Andraka

Nolan Bushnell

Hannah Fry

Libby Babet

Sam Gosling

Dr Fiona Kerr

Rachel Botsman

Remo Guiffre

Ben Hammersley


Cindy Gallop

Dr Jordan Nguyen

Guy Kawasaki

They spoke with honestly, humility, and humour on tops such as future ways of working, how mathematics can help you find love, why sextech start ups are a good investment and can solve world peace, lots of talk on driverless cars and the importance of emotional intelligence, mindfulness and trust. Oh and of course the masters Nolan Bushnell and Guy Kawasaki regaling stories of Silicon Valley and Steve Jobs. 

Some of my key learnings from the day are:

  • be persistent and believe in yourself
  • a positive and practical mindset is key
  • be confidence
  • encourage creativity with your problem solving
  • move, exercise often
  • embrace the future, its coming so don’t be scared
  • emotional intelligence is what separates humans from robots so develop your EI think and feel more, connect with yourself and others.
  • open yourself up to new experiences, new ideas and new opportunities.
  • trust yourself and others – less fear and less resistance to new ideas
  • we believe tat others have our best interest at heart – do we have our best interests at heart?
  • trust is essential in life. It allows us to move forward without completely understanding everything.
  • remember to prune your brain – remove the dead ends to allow for new group
  • charisma and optimism are essential in leadership
  • consistent mindfulness is key.  It’s a lifestyle choice not a bandaid
  • keep it simple but get going, start, don’t put life off
  • have fun
  • surround yourself with people who are better than you
  • prioritize yourself
  • The videos of each talk will be online over the coming days and I highly recommend you catch one or two of them here

Well done to CBA for bringing this event to us. I look forward to 2016 already.