Wellness everyday is something that I believe passionately about. What it is, is enjoying everyday and taking time each day to look after yourself physically and emotionally.

So many of us rush through the week, the month, the year and indeed life without taking stock of things and being in control. It often takes something to shake us up such as a health scare, a redundancy or divorce to force us to check in. We shouldn't have to wait for something awful to happen or save up for a holiday to make a change.

I work with corporate and small businesses in two ways:

1. Mindfulness Meditation Classes - I come to your work and facilitate a regular meditation class with your people. This explains what mindfulness is and helps them create a daily meditation practice. This can be in 4 - 6 - 8 module steps.

2. I work with you to understand where you need assistance. Absenteeism and duvet days cost business millions each year and so my teaching people how to create and maintain wellness in their everyday you can create a happier more satisfied workforce.

Start today.

I have simple methods and rituals that you can EASILY incorporate into your daily life so as to start seeing the benefits. 

Contact me and we can discuss what your business (large or small) requires to help your team lead more balanced and happier lives.

  • stress management
  • mindfullness
  • meditation
  • focus and motivation